DLC 2.2 Simulations


I need a help on how can DLC 2.2 be simulated. Is there a specific definition for it.
As per IEC Ed4, it was defined as “This load case shall at least address the following:
independent overspeed protection, generator overload/fault protection, uncontrolled blade
pitch protection (blade pitch runaway), uncontrolled yaw protection and excessive vibration or
shock protection.”

If I want to simulate the “Blade pitch runaway”, does that mean that at a specific time, all the 3 blade pitching with go at a specific pitch rate to 90 degree and the gen torque will reduce to 0 at that point of fault ?

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Hi @Karthik.Prakash,

I don’t have specific experience running this DLC. I’m happy to hear what others recommend. If you are working with a specific certification body, perhaps they can clarify the requirement.

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