Discussion of the results of a blade deformed

Hi Everybody,

I wrote some post earlier about the blade of a wind turbine. Now I would like to share some results I have achieved and I would like to know your opinion about them.

For a normal wind (e.g. 10 m/s) I calculated the pressure distribution on the blade. This pressure deforms the blade, and after analyzing the deformed blade I found that the twist angle decreases so the angle of attack increases.

Is this logical?

Thank you very much in advance

Eneko Agirre


It all depends on how the plies are laid up in the structural design. It is called flap-twist coupling. Some people have tried to use it to shed power during high-thrust conditions. It is sort of an enhanced, stall-regulated turbine.

Also, if the center of pressure does not go through the neutral axis or if you have a pitching moment, you can get twist.


Thank you very much for your time and for responding so quickly

Eneko Agirre