Determining the Power Curve of Reference turbines

Is there a way to determine the power curve of say WINDPACT 5MW turbine or DTU 10MW Reference turbines?
Inputs on terrain and wind speed will be required, but these can be anything for a site.
Do I need to model them and check how they respond to input wind speed? Should I use MATLAB?
What other software can I use apart from MATLAB?
Can this be done without any software meaning analytically? In this case how?

Edit: It is basically how reference turbine would perform at any given site question.


Dear Anurag,

A power curve typically is reported in terms of the expected (mean) power output at a given hub-height wind speed. Thus, the power curve is actually site independent. Of course, turbulence, shear, air density, etc. effect the actual power output and you’ll need to run an aero-elastic (e.g. FAST) simulation to see these effects.

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Thanks for the reply Jason.
So following on your suggestion to use FAST, I was able to understand and run the test files (although I am yet to get everything in FAST).
I came across the visualisation feature in FAST that can be set to generate *.vtp files which can be viewed in Paraview.

Can you please tell me if I need any interface in between such as MATLAB or an output file generated from FAST can directly be used to view in Paraview?

Thank again for your help.

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Dear Anurag,

MATLAB is not needed when using FAST to generate visualization output for viewing in ParaView. All you’ll need is FAST and ParaView. See the FAST v8 ReadMe file for information on the visualization functionality of FAST:

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Thank you Jason, that helped.

So setting the parameters changes things.
Can you tell me what settings on the input file did you use to get the below image? it’s taken from Readme file you mentioned above.

I tried combinations of 1& 2 for WrVTK; 1,2 &3 for VTK_type and True for VTK_fields settings.

But they are just giving me lines (except seabed and waves for - 2,1 & True values for WrVTK, VTK_type & VTK_fields settings respectively). Any thing else I need to change in the input file?

edit: Do I need to set the same configuration in more than one input file?

Dear Anurag,

To generate that image/animation, we used:
WrVTK = 2
VTK_type = 1
VTK_fields = False

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