Cp versus TSR and pitch surface

Hi, I’m trying to reproduce some controllers of nrel.gov/wind/pdfs/42437.pdf (page 21); through a mathematical model, so I need to work with the same Cp versus TSR and pitch surface (to compare) for the CART, which can be obtained by means simulation using the aerodynamic code WT_Perf. Which yaw error value I have to use?

It is assumed that Cpmax = 0.3659 (from nrel.gov/wind/pdfs/42437.pdf), which was determined to be -1 deg and TSR = 7.5.

Thanks in advance.
Jován Mérida. 8)

There is a 3.77 degree shaft tilt for that turbine, but Lee Jay says it was not used for that plot. I don’t trust BEM (which WT_Perf uses) for yawed flow, but we oftentimes use it anyway because we have no choice. The version of WT_Perf he used did not have an option for yaw error, so set that to zero, too.

Thank you all for your comments.