Coupling between Hydrodynamics and aerodynamics

Dear Sir,
I’m planning to implement the concept mentioned in the picture. So, to explain, I want to get tower base load data at every time step and input my position, velocity, and acceleration terms in FAST. So, where should I make changes? Please suggest.
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Dear @Navneet.Kumar,

A similar question was discussed in the following discussion on the OpenFAST github site: FeaCoupling of an External floater (platform+mooring) with Openfast #791 · OpenFAST/openfast · Discussion #801 · GitHub. To summarize, the coupling you propose is not possible without major changes to the ElastoDyn source code. This is because equations of motion of ElastoDyn are written assuming the six-DOF motion of the platform is solved by ElastoDyn. The coupling you propose would require restructuring of the equations of motion in ElastoDyn to accept motion instead of load input.

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