How to model the platform and mooring separately

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Because the models I used before are all ready-made models containing fans and towers. Now that I want to use openfast to suggest a model with only platform and mooring, how should I create such a model, preferably with sample files.
I want to build a semi-submersible floating platform and mooring line. I tried to modify the 5MW semi-submersible floating fan model in r-test, and only opened hydrodyn, elastdyn and moordyn modules. However, there are a lot of information about towers, fans and blades in elastdyn. We know that I don’t need these things, but I try to modify some options to avoid towers, fans, blades, but I always encounter various errors.
I know there are problems in this way from the root, I want to know how to correctly build a model with only platform and mooring. Before, I only needed to build a fixed platform, so I only solved the problem by using decoupled hydrodyn. How can I solve it this time? Hope to get your help!
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Dear @Yushun.Fu,

While OpenFAST doesn’t have an option to not include the tower, nacelle, drivetrain, and rotor, you could avoid modeling these components by setting the input parameters such that their effect is negligible, such as by disabling the tower, nacelle yaw, drivetrain, and blade degrees of freedom in ElastoDyn and setting the lengths and masses/inertias to zero (or near zero for the parameters that are not allowed to be set exactly zero).

FYI: A similar question was recently asked within OpenFAST Discussions on GitHub: Can openfast only calculate platform and mooring, ignoring the action of tower and blade · OpenFAST/openfast · Discussion #2146 · GitHub.

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