Compiling FAST using GNU gfortran compiler for fast execution


I have modified the files that correspond to the control of the wind turbine and I have compiled it with gfortran using the .bat you provide with the FAST files. I have modified the .bat so that it compiles succesfully ,however, I am only using the flag -o to compile it and when executing a test it does it several times slower than the official compiled version that you provide with all the FAST package. My changes in the code are not very many so that should not be the reason.

I would like to know if anyone has compiled the whole FAST program using gfortran and which flags he has used so that the execution is faster. I would also be very pleased if you could provide me with any tips that could improve this execution speed since I am not an expert in the field.

Thank you very much!

German Riezu

we have made the same experience. Gfortran results in slower executable compared to intel fortran compiler. We tried many settings but could not really improve the poor performance.

Florian Stache

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