Compiling FAST 8 - Windows 10

Dear Sir,

I have been trying to compile FAST 8 on Windows 10.
I have below software:

" Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2015
Version 14.0.25431.01 Update 3"

“Intel® Parallel Studio XE 2017 Composer Edition for Fortran Windows
Integration for Microsoft Visual Studio* 2015, Version 17.0.0036.14”

Based on the instructions on the FAST Compiler PDF, I opened the FAST Project from (… \FAST_v8.12.00a-bjj_0\Compiling\VisualStudio)
With no changes in the files and codes, once I try to “run” the project, I get several errors and warnings.(please check the attached figures)

I wonder if I should make any specific modifications and if so, could you please advise on them.

Best regards,

Hi, Elham.

I haven’t seen this error before (but I haven’t tried the 2017 compiler, either). The first thing I would try is to remove the “ABSTRACT” from the OrcaFlexInterface.f90 specification near line 107. Change ABSTRACT INTERFACE to INTERFACE and see if it works when you recompile.