Call for Papers, special issue "Offshore Wind Turbines and Wave Energy: Modeling, Simulation and Applications" in Applied Sciences (IF: 2.838)

Dear Colleagues and Friends, We are pleased to announce a call for papers in a special issue of Applied Sciences (IF 2.838). The theme of the Special Issue is “Offshore Wind Turbines and Wave Energy: Modeling, Simulations and Applications”. We welcome original manuscripts presenting recent advances in this important research sector of wind and wave energy, with particular focus on but not limited to the following: modelling, simulation and applications of offshore wind turbines, wave energy devices, wind-wave hybrid converters and all related topics, such as hydrodynamics, motion response, survivability; aerodynamics, structural optimization, turbine design, wind farms, wave farms and review articles, etc.

Please note that the submission deadline is 10 May 2023.

For further details, please follow the link to the Special Issue Website at:

@Yingyi.Liu I have 2 questions.
1.Is there a deadline to submit the abstract?
2. Is this an only open access publication or is there a closed access option.?

Thanks for your interest.

  1. There is no specific deadline to submit the abstract. Also, the abstract is not necessary.
  2. Yes, the journal is an open-access journal (an APC is required), so there is no closed-access option.