Build script for OpenFAST on Kestrel


With NREL’s supercomputer Kestel coming online, I am trying to build openfast on Kestel.
I am still somewhat unfamiliar with building applications on Kestel.
Does anyone have a build script for openfast for Kestrel?

Kind regards.

We’re still having some issues with the programming environments on Kestrel and getting them setup to compile OpenFAST. Could you tell me which parts/options you’re hoping to compile with?

In the meantime, I’ve found the following to give a reasonable environment (some of these may not be necessary depending on if you’re building the C++ interface or not):

module load anaconda3
module load git cmake
module load craype-x86-spr
module load intel-oneapi-compilers
module load intel-oneapi-mpi
module load intel-oneapi-mkl
module load fftw/3.3.10-intel-oneapi-mpi-intel
module load hdf5/1.14.1-2-intel-oneapi-mpi-intel
module load netcdf-c/4.9.2-intel-oneapi-mpi-intel

Note, this sets up an NREL environment similar to that on Eagle. Once these modules are loaded you can then follow the typical build process with CMake. If that doesn’t yield a working executable, please let us know.

If you want to use standalone OpenFAST, the approach above works well. If you want to use it with other ExaWind tools (amr-wind, Nalu-wind, etc), I would recommend building it using the cray environment (PrgEnv-intel on Kestrel). You have to make sure all the tools you are using are compiled the same way. The easiest way to do this is to use spack-manager. Documentation is available here.