BModes - eigsolv subroutine


I am trying to recompile the BModes v.3.00.00 source code, but I seem to be missing the subroutine eigsolv (called by BldVib). I have included the NWTC library files, and am able to compile succesfully when that particular line of code is commented out.

Is the eigsolv subroutine available elsewhere?


Dear Erin,

I searched through several archives of BModes that I have and couldn’t find SUBROUTINE eigsolv() either.

Unfortunately, Gunjit Bir no longer works at NREL. We are still trying to figure out the best path forward for future developments of BModes.

Best regards,

Thought I had posted this already, but apparently not.

I seem to remember that eigsolv() is a copyrighted, commercial routine and that we are not allowed to distribute it. I’m afraid you are stuck with the Windows executable we distribute.


Thanks for the reply, I was wondering if that might be the case…