Bladed DLL, configuration file


I’m trying to make a DLL that works with GH Bladed to work with FAST. The first problem I’m encountering is to achieve the DLL to read the configuration file. On Bladed, the information of the configuration file is passed to the DLL on the SWAP array. Does FAST also give this information in some way?


Hi, Fernando.

I’m not exactly sure what you mean by “configuration file.” FAST v8 sends information through the avrSWAP (“DATA”) array. You can see what information FAST passes to the DLL in the Fill_avrSWAP() routine in ServoDyn’s BladedInterface.f90 file. FAST also uses the “INFILE” argument to list the name of a parameter file, which is currently hard-coded to “DISCON.IN” as specified in the Bladed 3.81 documentation.

I see. In Bladed the value of “inFile” can be the route to a configuration file, normally “DISCON.IN”.

Thank you very much, Bonnie.