Blade numbering in YAWDYN

I already know that YawDyn is not the highest priority anymore :slight_smile:, but I am using it to make short and simple calculations.

I am trying to obtain the tilt moment making the vector sum of the Pitch moments and of the Out-Of-Plane moments for every blade of a 3-bladed small wind turbine.

I need to know the azimuth angles of the blades 1-2-3, and I would like to confirm the following: when blade 1 has azimuth angle “AzimAngB1D”, is the angle of blade 2:

“AzimAngB1D+120 deg” ?

and then of course that of blade 3:

“AzimAngB1D+240 deg” ?

I searched the user manual but could not find an answer.
Thanks a lot!



I really have no idea what the azimuths of the various blades are. I think you can easily tell by looking at the time histories of the root edge bending moments. That’s probably easier than reading the code.