Blade files for cfd analysis

Dear Readers,

I wish to acquire any reference turbine complete blade files that can be imported to a commercial tool for detailed CFD investigations.
This shall help in my preliminary research ideas.


Dear Subham,

The IEA Wind 15-MW reference wind turbine includes surface geometry files that can be used to simulate the turbine with surface-resolved CFD: IEA-15-240-RWT/CAD at master · IEAWindTask37/IEA-15-240-RWT · GitHub.

A similar question about the surface geometry of the NREL 5-MW baseline wind turbine rotor was asked recently, which I forwarded to Mike Lawson of NREL, and here is Mike’s response:

Here is a solidworks version of the NREL 5MW that I used for some CFD simulations a few years ago. You are free to use it in your simulations, but I don’t guarantee that the geometry is an exact replica of the NREL reference turbine – but it should be close. You should be able to create a STL model from these files without too much trouble.

Good luck with your simulations,


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