Bearing arrangement of the 5MW reference wind turbine

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we are attempting to investigate the fatigue life of the bearing arrangement of wind turbines. As a starting point, we would like to investigate the 5MW reference turbine.
However, in the description of the reference turbine, I could not find information about the bearing arrangement. Could you please help us to get some information about the following items?

  1. main shaft: mass of the main shaft, position of the centre of mass of the shaft form the centre of mass of the rotor

  2. main bearing: Bearing type and geometry (what are their outer and bore diameter?)

  3. gearbox: Mass of the gearbox, position of centre of mass of the gearbox from the centre of mass of the rotor

  4. Is a three-point suspension arrangement used? If so, what is the position of the bushings of the planet carrier from the centre of mass of the rotor? And what is the position of the planet carrier bearings from the position of the bushings? What bearing types are used here? What is their geometry?

Any help in clarifying the above items will be greatly appreciated.

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Dear Bastian,

The geometry/materials of the drivetrain (shafts and gearbox) of the NREL 5-MW turbine were not defined in the specifications report: Some of the few details regarding the drivetrain that have been defined (included in the report) are:

*Gearbox ratio
*Torsional stiffness
*Generator and hub inertias
*Location of main bearing relative to hub

I don’t believe any of the references from which the NREL 5-MW turbine was based have the details you are seeking either. You’ll have to make your own assumptions for your analysis.


Dear Jason,

thank you very much for your reply. We will try to make our own assumptions then.

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