BeanDyn example input files

Hi all,
I have dowloaded the latest version of FAST (v8.08), I found that main FAST input file was changes from the v8.0 version by adding more input file names for new modules like BeamDyn and other modules. My question is that where can I find example input files for BeamDyn in order to be able to use this module?

As noted in the ReadMe for FAST v8.08, BeamDyn is not currently integrated into FAST. There are placeholders for future integration of that module, but we don’t expect to release BeamDyn until early 2015.

Dear Bonnie,
Thank you for your reply. Unfortunately, I was hopping that BeamDyn will be released soon, but it seems it will take a while. I am working on bend-twist coupling applications coupled with FASTand I need an alternative for BeamDyn to work on. Is there any software that you recommend me to use?

Dear Khaled,

Until the release of BeamDyn in FAST v8, we at NREL have historically modeled blades with bend-twist using MSC.ADAMS, made possible via the FAST-to-ADAMS preprocessor of FAST v7. Of course, there are other aero-elastic software packages not developed/supported by NREL that could also be used.

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