baseline controller frequency

What is the logical range of baseline controller frequency for OC3Hywind?
I mean min and max of period of time that actuator must acts? or it has arbitrary frequency?

Any other Infos will be great in this case.

Dear Mehdi,

The baseline controller for the OC3-Hywind system is similar to the baseline controller for the NREL 5-MW turbine (as documented in: The only input used by the baseline controller (including both the generator-torque and blade-pitch controllers) is the low-pass-filtered generator speed. This low-pass filter has a corner frequency of 0.25 Hz, so, there will be little frequency response of the controller higher than 0.25 Hz. The baseline blade-pitch controller has a characteristic response frequency. For the land-based NREL 5-MW turbine this characteristic response frequency is 0.6 rad/s = 0.095 Hz, but for the OC3-Hywind system this characteristic response frequency = 0.2 rad/s = 0.032 Hz.

I hope that helps.

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