Angle of attack lift drag coefficient

Dear Jason,
Where can I check if the aerodynamic data table (angle of attack lift drag coefficient) of the IEA10MW airfoil provided by Openfast is compressible or incompressible, or is it measured data?

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The airfoil polar data originates in the IEA Wind 10-MW repository. You can see the polars documented here in the yaml-based, WindIO file. See the description field that says:

FFA-W3-211 (Re=1.00e+07)FFA-W3 airfoil data for 10 MW sized rotor, computed using EllipSys2D v16.0, 70% free transition, 30% fully turbulent, 360 deg extrapolated using AirfoilPreppy, no 3D correction. F Zahle, DTU Wind Energy 11 May 2017

Info about EllipSys2D is available here (it is incompressible).