I am going to start working on simulation of a horizontal small wind turbine (3 kw). I have read several papers about the interface between ADAMS and AeroDyn using ADAMS2AD.

I use to work with ADAMS. The version we have is ADAMS 2005 r2. I read something about ADAMS WT. Is this module compatible with my ADAMS? In this case, how could I get this module?

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Alex Estevez

Dear Alex,

The old ADAMS/WT files can be found here:

That said, NREL no longer supports ADAMS/WT; we have not updated the ADAMS/WT files (e.g., for new versions of ADAMS or AeroDyn) for quite a well and we cannot answer questions on it. (e.g, ADAMS/WT is compatible with a ADAMS 10).

Instead, we have replaced the functionality of ADAMS/WT with an MSC.ADAMS preprocessor that is now built into the FAST code—see: … t/FAST.pdf.

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Dear Jason:
DO you have adams 2008 r1?

Dear Vahid,

ADAMS 2008R1 was the last version of ADAMS that I had, but I don’t have any license anymore.

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