AeroDyn 14 tower aerodynamic loads

Hello @Jason.Jonkman

I am studying the dynamics of ITI Energy Barge and i have two questions.

1- My first question is about AeroDyn 14. When i look to the input file, i do not see an option compute tower aerodynamic loads like in AeroDyn 15. I was wondering on how to take into account the aerodynamic loads on the tower ? (i mean the aerodynamic loads along the height of the tower and not the thrust force from the rotor). Below a screen capture of AeroDyn 14 input file.

Could you please help me ?

2- My second question is related to the barge itself. It is stated in ElastoDyn input file (i mean the default file, i did not change anything :no_mouth: ) that tower base starts at mean sea level. I have a difficulty to imagine the barge since it is stated otherwise (i think in D. MATHA Ph.D. thesis) that the barge has a draft of 4 m and a freeboard of 6 m which means for me that tower base should start at +6 m knowing that the reference point is taken at the mean sea level. Below a screen capture of ElastoDyn input file (the line highlighted in yellow).

What do you think ?

Thank you in advance.

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Dear @Riad.Elhamoud,

Regarding (1), AeroDyn v14 and earlier does not have functionality to support the aerodynamic loading on the tower of a floating offshore wind turbine. I would generally suggest upgrading to AeroDyn v15. As of OpenFAST v4.0 to be released soon, we plan to deprecate the old AeroDyn v14 altogether as we no longer recommend it use.

Regarding (2), I answered a similar question in my post dated Jun 7, 2018 in the following forum topic: ITI 5MW Barge.

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