Aero foil optimization

what is the minimum velocity of air can make power in wind turbine ? how far the design of aerofoil going on reach the maximum efficiency at low wind speed.


There is no (non-zero) minimum wind speed necessary to power a turbine. Theoretically, even the slightest breeze can power a large rotor attached to a small generator. However, 3-5 m/s is the typical cut-in wind speed.

I’m not sure what you mean by maximum efficiency. Do you mean the theoretical maximum of about 60% that was established by Betz? The airfoils used are all important.

But, these are pretty basic questions. This forum is intended to be used by professionals and college students who are studying the technology.

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            I searched on google ,but cant get clear answer about it. I'm doing "Master of engineering" in renewable energy sources and doing project on "wind turbine blade trailing edge optimization".For my project kindly share your ideas and matters.

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I’m sorry, but DOE does not fund us to teach students. Please ask your professor(s) about this.

Besides, this is outside my area of expertise, so I would be a poor choice to help you. If someone else in the community wants to take the time to answer your questions of the forum, that is fine with me.