Add PI controller into FAST code.

Dear Jason Jonkman,

I want to ask you, How is adding PI controller into FAST code.

Because I want to use FAST code to simulate my research about blade pitch control.
Many authors used to PI controller to improve output power.

Please show me.

Thank you very much.

Best regars.
Le Quang Sang.

Dear Le Quang Sang,

FAST does not have built-in pitch-control options because most users of FAST have their own control methods that they want to use. Pitch control can be added through one of several ways:

  • Customize the Fortran SUBROUTINE PitchCntrl() (requires a recompile of FAST).
  • Implement pitch-control logic in a Bladed-style DLL controller (requires compiling the DLL).
  • Implement pitch-control logic in Simulink and run FAST through the Simulink interface (requires access to MATLAB/Simulink).

The various documentation supplied with FAST provides some general guidance for all of these approaches.

Another option would be to take the baseline controller for the NREL 5-MW turbine (implemented as a Bladed-style DLL) and adopt the controller gains (including PI gains) for the specific turbine you are analyzing.

I hope that helps.

Best regards,

Dear Jason Kaman,

Thank you very much for your help.
It is useful for me.

Best regards.
Le Quang Sang.