ADAMS - AeroDyn: problems generating DLL file


I am trying to make the interface between AeroDyn and ADAMS. When I execute the file CompileLinkA2AD.bat from a command prompt, the concatening of the source codes Fortran files works. But when it tries to link ADAMS2AD and AeroDyn with ADAMS it gives an error message: it can not recognise “ADAMS05” like a internal or external command.

If I compile the ADAMS.f90 directly from the Compaq Visual Fortran (v6.6) I can obtain the ADAMS.obj file.

I have read into the forum several things to do and I have done:

  • I have tried to reinstall first the Compaq Visual Fortran and then ADAMS 2005 r2.
  • I have deleted the FAST sentences in the CompileLinkA2AD.bat file.
  • I have deleted in the source codes .f90 the sentences related to the FAST (indicated at the end of some files: END OF FILE: you must delete…).
  • I have changed into the ADAMS/Solver Settings from C++ to Fortran.

I do not know which is the problem to generate de DLL file. My ADAMS model is in the same folder than all the files.

Please, could you help me with this problem. I am going to get crazy…

Thanks in advance,

Alex Estevez

Hi, Alex.

I answered a related question on a different thread ([url]]), so I’ll just make a suggestion here. If you have installed Adams 2005 r2, you must call “ADAMS05r2” instead of “ADAMS05”.

I’d hate for you to get crazy… ;-)