900 KW wind turbine blades

Hi everybody,

It would be appreciated if anybody let me know whether the aerodynamic data of a 900 kw wind turbine blades(lift, drag coefficients,…) is available by NREL or not, and how I can access them.

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Sara Salehyar

Dear Sara,

We don’t have any example turbine models (in WT_Perf or FAST) of a 900-kW turbine. That said, airfoil data (lift, drag coefficients) need not be customized to a specific turbine power rating. So, perhaps the airfoil data we do include in our sample models (with WT_Perf or FAST) would be useful to you?

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Dear Jason,

Thanks for your reply. The blade length of the 900kw wind turbine I want to model is 25m. In the FAST samples, test11 wind turbine has a blade length of 35m. I think using the aerodynamic data of the airfoils of this turbine, and eliminating some blade elements to reach 25m length can be helpful.

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