3D map for Omega, Pitch Angle and Rotor Thrust

Hi NREL friends,

Is there anyone who knows about 3D map for Omega(tip speed Ratio), Pitch Angle and Rotor Thrust? If there is such map, where i can find it?


Dear Mehdi,

The nondimensional rotor thrust surface (Ct versus omega and pitch) depends on the wind turbine, so what turbine do you seek the results for? Thanks to Rannam Chaaban, you can find the Ct surface for the NREL 5-MW rotor in the following forum topic: http://forums.nrel.gov/t/nrel-5-mw-reference-turbine-cp-cq-ct-coefficients/456/1 (see the Mar 14, 2012 post). Otherwise, you can follow the procedures outlined in that forum topic to derive the Ct surface yourself for your turbine of interest.

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