2-way coupling in FAST

Hi all,
I want to ask if FAST simulates wind turbines in 2-way coupling simulation methods between wind and turbine structure or it uses only 1-way coupling???

Dear Khaled,

If by “wind” you mean “aerodynamics”, then “yes”. In FAST, the structural motions (position/orientation and velocity) are sent from the structural module (ElastoDyn) to the aerodynamics module (AeroDyn) and the aerodynamic loads (lift, drag, pitching moment) are sent from the aerodynamics module to the structural module.

This is true for other modules as well, including structure-controller (ServoDyn) coupling, structure-substructure (SubDyn) coupling, structure-hydrodynamics (HydroDyn) coupling, and structure-mooring (MAP) coupling.

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Dear Jason,
Thank you for your reply. It is great to know that FAST performs 2-way coupling. This will give more credibility to my research. Good job and keep it up.

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