10kW wind turbine power curve

Dear Jason,

I have plotted power-rotor speed for 10 kW wind turbine under 8m/s, 9 m/s, 10 m/s and 11.5 m/s wind speeds. The rated wind speed for this turbine is 11.5 m/s in which the power should reach maximum 10kW but in the figure it is less than 10 kW. Generator efficiency and gearbox efficiency is 100%.
The power is obtained through RtAeroPwr in Aerodyn.
Please let me know what could be the problem?

Kind regards,

Dear Babak,

When you say:

are you referring to a report, measured data, or simulation results?

Are you confident that the turbine is being modeled in a way that would give the power curve you are expecting?

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