WT_perf problems with the radius / span


I often get the error message:

“The sum of the length of the blade segments does not match the rotor radius. The segments add up to a rotor radius of 61.839 instead of the specified radius 61.63”

I specify the rotor radius in the Turbine data section to 61.63. Is there any rule for the RElm of the last section? Mine was 61.29 for this error (with RElm=61.2 this error message does not occur). Or is there a minimum length of each section ?

Thanks a lot for your help



Please read this post:


Please divide your rotor into segments (they don’t have to be equal) and then put the nodes at the centers of the segments. Use a spreadsheet to do this. Specify locations to the mm. The length of the blade plus the hub radius must be very close rotor radius.