wind turbine blade optimization

I’m going to optimize the wind blade turbine… what are all the
procedure should be followed. and what are the software use for it.Kindly share
your ideas here

You can use following tools for optimization:

  1. WT_Perf (from NREL)
  2. Propid (from University of Illinois)
    Procedure for optimization is described in the manuals of these codes.

Kindly explain in detail. that manuals are not quite detail. please give some good reference

For aerodynamic design optimization you can look at the book “Aerodynamics of Wind turbines” by Martin O.L. Hansen. Chapter 8 of this book explains the optimization procedure.
With PROPID, you can do optimization. Chapter 8 (Design mode) of the manual describes how to do optimization. You can also look at the examples provided in the PROPID package. It contains some examples to optimize the chord etc.
Hope this helps.


You might also look at the HARP_Opt code from NREL. It can optimize the shape of the blade, rotor speed(s), and blade-pitch to maximize turbine efficiency/energy production. I hope it helps. Here is the link:

Danny Sale
University of Washington

Kindly explain me what is the difference and modification carried out in NREL phase 1 to VI


We took a Grumman turbine with a 10m diameter rotor and put a variety of instrumented blades on it. The first blades were rectangular and untwisted and it evolved to twisted and tapered blades. Phases 1-5 were done on site at the NWTC, while Phase 6 was done in the NASA 80x120 wind tunnel at Ames Research Center.

For more details, you can search our publication database for terms such as “Unsteady,” “Aerodynamics,” “Combined,” and “Pilot.”