wind profile in InflowWind

Hi all,

How can atmospheric stability related (diabatic logarithmic) wind profiles can be used in InflowWiind? I didn’t see Metreological boundary conditions such as the gradient Richardson number in the InflowWind. are there user-defined wind profile options for InflowWind? or do I need to use TurbSim if I want to consider atmospheric stability?

To my understand atmospheric stability is related with turbulence, but in my work I only want to consider wind profiles at different atmospheric stability with steady flow. Not wanting to deal with turbulence is the reason I struggled to choose between InflowWind and Turbsim.

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InflowWind has some basic capabilities for generating steady winds, but it currently uses only the power-law wind profile. It does not have the capability to input user-defined wind profiles or take stability into account. Those features are part of TurbSim. You can use the “NONE” turbulence option in TurbSim so that it generates steady flow. This is documented better in TurbSim v2; there is a link to this alpha version on the TurbSim web page.

Thank you!