Wave ramp in HydroDyn

Dear All,

I would like to know whether it is possible to specify a time ramp for the wave amplitude in HydroDyn to reduce the transient motion of the structure. Perhaps something like the uniform wind files used in InflowWind.

Thank you in advance!

Dear Lucas,

Without customization of the source code, it is not possible to ramp up the waves or hydrodynamic loads during simulation start up within FAST/HydroDyn. To minimize the simulation start-up transients for floating wind turbines, we recommend that you set the rotor speed, blade-pitch angle, and platform displacements (particularly surge, pitch, and heave) based on the mean wind speed you are simulating.

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Dear Dr. Jonkman,

Thank you for your quick answer. I will try your suggestion in my next models.

Best regards,