Wave Profile - Random Seeds

Dear All,
I am running several simulations with FAST, considering a pure hydrodynamic loading on the spar-buoy floater. I would like to make all this simulations with the same wave i.e. same wave height, period and phase (regular waves). However, I can’t manage to keep the phase constant. I think this has to do with the random seeds. Is there any way I can set those values in order to have always the same wave phase?

I would like to have a pure sine for the wave elevation…

Thank you in advance!

  • A pure sine with phase = 0

Dear Michele,

In the version of HydroDyn included with the latest version of FAST (v7.01.00a-bjj), it is not possible to choose the phase of the regular (sinusoidal) wave (WaveMod = 1). However, we’ve added this feature to a new version of HydroDyn that we are still working on. Before the new version of HydroDyn is released, you can fix the phase through a very small change to the HydroCalc.f90 source code (this will require a recompile of FAST). Alternatively, you can sweep through a series of values of WaveSeed to find the value that gives you the phase you desire (and use that value for all subsequent simulations).

Best regards,