Tower/Blades Interaction in FAST

Hi all,

I’d like to have this information.

FAST takes in account the dynamic interaction between the dynamic responses of the blades and the tower ?

In other words, the system Tower/Blades is coupled or uncoupled ?

Again, in FAST, the dynamic response of the blades is function of the tower-top acceleration (response) ? Or the blades are treated as cantilever beams which dynamic response is indipendent of the tower dynamic behaviour?

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Lorenzo Montanari

Dear Lorenzo,

Yes, even though you specify independent blade and tower mode shapes in FAST, the overall full-system dynamics are coupled in FAST. The blades in FAST are cantilevered to the hub, but the hub motion is influenced by the tower, so, the blade motions are as well. For example, tower vibrations will induce motion and loads in the rotor and blade vibrations and loads will be transmitted to the tower.

I hope that clarifies things.

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Dear Jason, i thank you for your help; You clarified me! Best regards,

Lorenzo Montanari