Steady airfoil coefficients extrapolation

Hello Everyone,

I’m working on three dimensional rotational effects on the wind turbine blades. I have also some three dimensional corrections models with me. The most important thing to be considered for the effective implementation of 3D correction methods is the input steady airfoil coefficients. I have got the steady airfoil coefficients, which are extrapolated to the range -180 to 180, using StC stall coefficients method, without implementing 3D corrections.

I have assumed the pre-stall region of every airfoil lies between -10 to 15 degrees. I want to implement 3D corrections to this data and extrapolate it to the range -180 to 180. Thanks to the AirfoilPrep, this provides the Viterna method. However, Viterna has its own limitations, in assessing the Cd90. So, I would like to give a try for StC. I have got the paper of StC from Lindenberg and also the input files from one of the discussion in this forum. However, my understanding of this input files and the paper form Linderberg is not good. I’m unable to reproduce the results.

If someone already worked on it or anyone working on it could provide their valuable suggestions to me. I hope, I have explained it clearly to the best of knowledge.