Stability analysis of FAST

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As I know:
      Linearization is useful for:

            *Full-system modal analysis (finding the frequencies, damping, and mode shapes of a stationary or operational turbine)

            *Linear-system-based controls design (linear state-space-based controls design)

            *Linear-system-based stability analysis

how i do the Linear-system-based stability analysis by the FAST.
Can you give me some advice?

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Dear Railiang,

By “linear-system-based stability analysis” I mean examination of the linearized state matrices and resulting eigenvalues/eigenvectors to identify modes that are negatively damped and to aid in identifying the source of the negative damping and potential remedies.

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Dear Jason

  I heard that you have published the paper about the Linearzation theory and principles.I think it can help me well.

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Dear Ruiliang,

I’m sorry, but I’m not sure what paper you are referring to.

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