small values for thrust, surge and pitch

Dear Dr. Jonkman,

I’m trying to model the DTU scaled 10MW wind turbine with the triple spar platform in Fast.
Although my decay test simulations show a good correlation with the experiments, I’m getting too small values for thrust and platform surge and pitch which don’t compromise with the experiments.
Also I’m trying to import an external .Elev text data as wave time series for HydroDyn. The Data and the values seem to be correct but in the output file of fast I get different values under Wave1Elev which don’t match with the imported data. I know that the wave sensors in the experiment are mounted at the reference point of the platform.
So I wanted to ask for advises on solving these problems.

Best regards
Masih Vahid

Dear Masih,

I’m not sure I know what the problem to either issue is without knowing more about them.

Best regards,