Selection of wave/wind direction in OC4 semisubmersible FOWT

Dear Dr. Jonkman

In the report of OC4 semisubmersible FOWT and many wave tank tests, only the results of 0 degree results (as shown in the figure below) are presented.


In my opinion, the wind/wave from 60 degree will induce a larger inclination than 0 degree. Could you explain why only the safest case are selected in the oc4 project and many basin testing?

Best Regards,

Dear Chao,

I wouldn’t expect a huge difference between 0deg and 60deg waves for the OC4-DeepCwind semisubmersible. Regardless, not all wave tanks can operate with multiple wave directions and/or it may be too costly to run all of the desired wave directions (or wave orientations with respect to the platform).

Best regards,