ROSCO Toolbox - Relationship Between Integral Gain & Damping of Fore-Aft Mode


Is there an analytical relationship between the integral gain on the fore-aft damper and the damping of the fore-aft mode in the ROSCO controller? I’m trying to reduce tower-fatigue.

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Hi Sam,
Ervin Bossanyi (amongst others) has proposed a simple analytical relationship:

For the tower fore-aft damping control, the FA_KI term is multiplied times a high-pass filtered integrated tower-top fore-aft signal and added to the standard collective pitch command.

Additionally, you could use the “floating feedback” terms to achieve a similar goal. The only difference between the two is the filter for the feedback signals. The tower-top motion signal that Fl_Kp is multiplied by is low-pass filtered by the filter defined by Fl_CornerFreq and is notch filtered by the filter defined by the notch-filter parameters.


Hi Nikhar,

Thanks very much, think I’ve got it working now.