Replay function


I ran a AMR-Wind - Openfast (ABL-Turbine) simulation and I need to sample more data for the time ran.
I’ve spoken to a few colleague at NREL and I believe there is a replay function built into OpenFAST.

If I understand correctly the replay function takes AMR-Wind turbine velocity and position data as an input from the fast_velocity_data and runs just OpenFAST with said data.

The person I spoke to believes the replay function is built into OpenFAST but I haven’t been able to find it.

Is the replay function indeed built into OpenFAST and if so, do you know how to work the replay function?

Kind regards.

Dear @Jarred.Kenworthy,

I would not say that OpenFAST supports replay functionality. I would guess what you or your colleagues are thinking of is the checkpoint / restart capability, which allows you to restart an OpenFAST simulation from a given checkpoint (if the checkpoint functionality was enabled when you first ran OpenFAST). The best documentation on this capability that I’m aware of is from the FAST v8 ReadMe file, which I would suggest reviewing for more information (and should still be generally valid for OpenFAST):

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