questions about running in linux

hello, professor.I try to run FAST with simulink in linux, but i met some errors: “the FAST_SFunc does not exist”. And i think the problem is that the FAST_SFunc.mexw64 is not suitable in linux. So, if i want to run FAST in linux, what should i do? Looking forward to your reply.

Dear Zhiheng,

The “w” in the extension of FAST_SFunc.mexw64 is for “Windows”, so, this binary file cannot be used on Linux. You must compile the OpenFAST S-Function, the OpenFAST dynamic library, and the MAP++ for use on Linux, as documented here: … index.html.

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Dear Jason,

I am sorry to bother again. I read the document you posted, and I downloaded the binaries for Linux. I found four folders in the binaries: bin,include,info,lib. But I could not find any s-function or MAP++ in the folders. Should I generate them by myself? How can I generate them? Looking forward to your reply.

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Hi Liu,

For Linux, the MAP++ library is statically linked in the OpenFAST binaries, so you will not need to compile that separately. The S function is generated by Matlab using the script at … ST_SFunc.m. In order to use that script, you’ll first have to compile OpenFAST with the CMake variable BUILD_SHARED_LIBS=ON. The full cmake and make commands are

make openfastlib

You will then see a library at “openfast/build/modules/openfast-library/”. The Matlab script linked above should be able to find the library you’ve just compiled and generate FAST_SFunc binary that links to it.

Please let us know how it goes!

Dear Rafael,

Thanks for your guidance. But I don’t need to run OpenFAST in Linux right now, because I found a windows server to run my program.

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