Question of building S-function for FAST 7

Dear All

I am trying to build a S-function for FAST_v7.02.00d-bjj. I know the S-function has been built by developers while I just want to do some modification of the source code hence I try to build the S-function before I do any change of the code to ensure that I could build it after I do any changes of the source code.

I follow the instructions in make_FAST_SFunc.m and change all the directories. But the result is shown below.

I have installed Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 and 2013 in my computer as well as Intel Parallel Studio XE 2013 and 2016. I followed the instructions to copy “intelf13msvs2012opts.bat” from %MATLABROOT%\bin\win32\mexopts and also modify the PATH, LIB, INCLUDE in the “intelf13msvs2012opts.bat”.
I open the IVF command called “IA-32 Visual Studio 2012 mode” and type “echo PATH=%PATH%; LIB=%LIB%; INCLUDE=%INCLUDE%” and get the results shown below.

I replaced the value of PATH, LIB, and INCLUDE in “intelf13msvs2012opts.bat” with the value I got in picture 2. In addition, I also added /assume:byterecl /traceback /real_size:64 /Qzero /Qsave and removed /fpp /fixed in COMPFLAGS. By the way, I set the Fortran compiler in MATLAB 2015a as follows but the error is still there.

I am wondering if it is the problem of the version of IVF or VS I used or any other reasons. Hope you can help me figure it out.




The error says that Matlab can’t find the Fortran compiler, which indicates the PATH variable is incorrect. Either it isn’t set properly in the bat file, or you aren’t calling the bat file where you set it.

Please see some more detailed instructions for setting the correct paths here: