Problem with Aerodyn using Beddoes Leishman modell

Dear community!

As it is part of my bachelor thesis, i am comparing different dynamic stall modells with results of CFD-simulations. I’m using AeroDyn for analysing the Beddoes Leishman model. I built up a model with simpack consisting only of 1 rigid blade with one aeromarker. I control the AoA by pitching the blade with a rheonomic joint. all other parts, like hub, tower, etc. are only represented by markers.
For some weeks i was trying to fix a problem, that appears in the analysis of the beddoes model but now i don’t know how to continue.
When i look at my cl vs alpha plots, i always get those strange spikes in my lift data. For further analysis of this phenomenon i plotted the lift coefficient (taken from .elm file) for a complete range of AoA, by pitching the blade very slowly about 360°. like you see in the pictures, the strength of the spikes depends on wind speed.
I tried hard to find the reason for this behaviour, and i’m pretty sure that its not because of my model, airfoil data or input data.
If someone can give me just a little hint how i can fix this problem, i would be very thankful!

Here is my output file and some plots of lift coefficient vs. AoA: