Pitch controller design for the 10MW fixed DTU Wind turbine


I would just like to double check something
I am implementing the pitch controller (simulink) for the 10MW fixed wind turbine and wanted to double check I am using the correct gains
Firstly that the gain scheduling gains are as follows:
K1 = 443.50013
K2 = 674.52656
And the proportional and integral gains are as follow:
Kp = 0.524485E+00
Ki = 0.141233E+00
And that the fixed 10MW wind turbine is based on the constant power strategy for the above rated region of the control system

Hi Cameron,

I’m not sure what you mean by gain scheduling gains vs. PI gains. Typically the PI gains vary with blade pitch angle. Please see Section 2.5 in this article for more information: WES - A reference open-source controller for fixed and floating offshore wind turbines

The ROSCO team doesn’t keep a set of gains for any 10 MW turbines (this is the closest comparison, and the pitch control gains depend on the drivetrain gear ratio, too). The best way to find out if you are using the correct gains is to try them out. If the generator speed has too much variation, increase the gains. If the pitch angle variations are too high, decrease the gain.

I hope this helps.

Best, Dan


Thank you very much
I am also attempting to implement the second order low pass filter for the LSS generator speed
Based on a natural frequency of 0.4Hz and a damping ratio of 0.7
When I add this filter I receive the error
"At t=0: Derivative is infinite or NaN.

  • FOWT10MW/switching model/Gen controller/Continuous PID Controller/Continous Time/Ki Integrator/Ki ~=

Any ideas on what is wrong with this?

Thank you