Pitch Angle Measurment

Hi everyone, I´m currently doing my thesis in Pitch Control using MPC, but before that i need to implement a functional PI control for torque and pitch angle. I´m doing basically this:

-I track lambdaOpt, getting GenSpdRef from it, then i get the GenSpdError that´s the input for the torque (power) control. By doing it i l try to control the power ate a constant zero pitch.

Pitch Control:
-Here is the problem, my pitch controller is also a PI, that has is MaxLim ate 90 deg and a MinLim at a value that is function of Lambda, so it is always changing. The problem, i think, is ate the PI control because Simulink crashes when power takes its rated value and the Pitch control starts to operate. I dont know if anyone can help with just this information, but there´s something that i dont understand in this image that i post.

Here i send some images of my controlers and the state machine that i use to swope between one and other. Thanks for your help.