Output of WAMIT

Hello everybody;

In my research for working on wind turbines; as you know; I need outputs of WAMIT as inputs of HydroDyn but I dont have access to this WAMI software and also I don’t have the money to buy; so I wonder if anyone can give me the outputs of WAMIT for using in FAST by some inputs that I want; or any inputs which are correct and tested before!

Waiting for any replies
THANK U for the help

Dear Hamid,

NREL can provide you WAMIT input and output files for models in the public domain that we have already generated (such as the for the OC3-Hywind spar buoy), but NREL does not have the resources to develop input files and run models for your own unique design.

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Dear Jason

Thanks for your kindly reply;
mine is not a unique design, it’s a 5MV offshore TLP of NERL and I think there wouldn’t be any problem.
should I give you my own sea condition or it could be done by NERL too?

Thanks again

Dear Hamid,

You can find a complete FAST model (including WAMIT outputs) for the NREL 5-MW turbine atop the MIT/NREL TLP here: wind.nrel.gov/public/jjonkman/NR … MW_TLP.zip.

The torque and pitch controller is implemented in GH Bladed-style DLL format. This controller require FAST’s interface to GH Bladed-style DLLs, which is not a default option in FAST v7.02.00d-bjj. You can find a version of FAST with this interface here: wind.nrel.gov/public/jjonkman/FA … erface.exe. Or if you’re adventurous, you can recompile FAST yourself using the guidance from the FAST User’s Guide.

We purposely left out the wind files from these archives, because adequately sized wind files for the NREL 5-MW are typically very large. See the last four posts on the forum topic linked here for an explanation and for link to where you can download a TurbSim input file for this turbine: http://forums.nrel.gov/t/updated-nwtc-design-codes-available-on-our-web-site/237/1.

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