OpenFAST: no .f90 files documented in Doxygen html output

Hello everybody,

I have generated the code documentation of OpenFAST with Doxygen using the configuration file in the docs folder.
Then, as I open the documentation in my browser and go through the list of files I can only see files with the extensions c or h and no file with f90 extension.

Since OpenFAST is written in fortran, shouldn’t I see documentation about fortran files instead of C files?

I specified OpenFAST/glue-codes and OpenFAST/modules as source file directories (with OpenFAST the directory where also the cmake directory is) and, actually, in their subfolders there are only f90 files.

Thank you for your time and attention,


Dear Henry,

For some reason unknown to me, the Doxygen html menu system doesn’t list the .f90 files under the files dropdown menu. If you use the modules dropdown, you can access the Fortran modules there (ModulesModule ListNWTC_Numdcm_logmapd for example). I’m not entirely sure why this happens.

The other thing to keep in mind is that Doxygens support for Fortran is a bit lacking. I’ve found that this can lead to some of the Fortran Doxygen content to not render (WAMIT2 module for example – lots of Doxygen info, but much of it won’t appear). Unfortunately, I have not had much time to look into this further.


Above example as rendered locally on my laptop:

Dear Andy,

thank you for the explanation.
I can indeed see the FORTRAN modules navigating thorugh the .html file in the way you explained, and this also will be useful to me.

Have a good day,