NREL 5MW windturbine control(GH Bladed-style DLL)

Dear all,
I have compiled FAST since a little changes have to be made to viscous force in HydroCalc.f90. Since I still hope to use GH Bladed-style DLL controllers, the BladedDLLInterface.f90 source file is needed. Unfortunately, all the parameters in MODULE BladedDLLParameters() are set to zero, and I have no idea how they should be modified. Could anyone provide some advices?
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Dear Liang,

Are you sure you need to modify the parameters in the BladedDLLInterface.f90 file? The DLL controllers we distribute with the NREL 5 MW model do not require any changes to that file.

If you are using a controller that expects different values, you should ask the developer of the DLL for assistance.

Dear Sir,
Thanks for your reply. I used to think the parameters should be modified because they are all set to zero. According to your reply, it seems that there shouldn’t any changes on these parameters for NREL 5MW turbine
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I’m looking for a 750W wind turbine test, and I can’t find it.
Could you help me please?

Dear Lucia,

NREL does not currently have a generic model of a 750-W wind turbine available for public use.

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