Noise Prediction

Hi there,
I am working on my final year project on SWT noise prediction and am trying to use FAST for this. I am still pretty much at the beginning using the software and currently playing around with the test cases provided.
When I was reading the instructions for FAST I saw that it says that the noise prediction interface is not documented in the guide. As I am a novice I was wondering if there is any supporting documentation on how to predict the noise with FAST and use the prediction interface and get outputs for it? I am familiar with the theroy of airfoil self noise and turbulent inflow noise and have also read the report from Pat Morriaty that is suggested in the manual, it is more about the practically of using FAST for it.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Dear Jana,

As far as I know, the report referenced in the FAST User’s Guide by Moriarty and Migliore is the primary report explaining the aeroacoustics model within FAST v7. Here is a link to the report:

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