Morison Equation - Inertia and Cm

Hi Jason,

The Morison equation has two parts, the inertia part and the drag part.

I understand that the drag part is calculated from the MemberCd values in Hydrodyn. How is the inertia part calculated ? Is my understanding correct here?

In the DeepCwind platform case I can find the Cd values from the hydrodyn input files. Where can I find the Cm values for the members?

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Dear @Rahul.Ramachandran,

In the strip-theory formulation of HydroDyn for the force per unit length along each member (via Morison’s equation), HydroDyn uses Cm = Cp+Ca, where Cp represents the pressure coefficient (often taken as 1.0) for the Froude-Kriloff force and Ca represents the added-mass coefficient for the scattering force (also used in the calculation of added mass).

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Dear Jason,

That’s clear. Thank you so much.