Moordyn stops suddenly

Dear @Matthew.Hall

I succeeded to couple MoorDyn with MATLAB. Therefore i am running a decay test for 50 seconds.
The simulation runs for 30 min real time and suddenly MoorDyn stops.

Could you help me to figure out the problem ?

Best Regards

Hi Riad,
Although you said the simulation runs for 30 minutes real time, it looks to me like MoorDyn has an during initialization. The window you showed says that MoorDyn couldn’t load the lines.txt input file. I would start by trying to solve that error. It is probably related to having the same file name and making sure it is in the directory where MoorDyn is looking.

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Thank you for your reply !

In fact, i think this error comes from the ode solver in MATLAB and not in MoorDyn. The ode function gives the position and the velocity to MoorDyn. When i run this for 10 seconds, it works. However, when i run it for 50 seconds, MATLAB crashes and gives the error above.

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